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Transportation Engineering

CTCI REI design team's devotion in improving design quality for transportation project is highly recognized by the employers.

Railway Engineering

  • Taiwan High Speed Railway Prject
    Taiwan High Speed Railway Prject, Contract C230/C240/C280 Civil Work Detail Design

    Scope of Work:
    • Water and soil conservation plan
    • Embankments/cuts design
    • Slope stability design
    • Flood control design in mountain area
    • Detour design of existing roads and drainages
    • Detail design of cut-and-cover tunnels
    • Detail design of overpass bridges
    • Soil identification at site during construction period

    Location:Miao-Li County

  • Taipei Metropolitan Rapid Transit System
    Detail Design Consultant of DG167 of Songshan Line,Taipei MRT system
    Detail Design Consultant of DR148A, Taipei MRT –Xinyi Line
    Detail Design Consultant of Lot DK196 Sinchuang Line,Taipei MRT system
    Trackwork of Xinzhuang Line, Luzhou Line and Nankang Extension Line of Taipei Metro Rapid Transit System
    Taipei MRT Mu-Zha Extension (Nei-Hu) Line Design Lot DB146

    Scale of Work:
    Civil Design
    • Elevated Station:4
    • Underground Station:8
    • C&C Tunnel:1,742 m
    • Bored Tunnel:13,889 m

    E&M Design
    • Elevated Station:22
    • Underground Station:26
    • Depot Design:5
    • Power Supply:36,700 m

    Location:Taipai City

  • Construction Design of Trackwork for Taipei MRT system
    Taipei MRT (Orange Line) Xinchuang / Luchou Lines Trackwork Project

    Scale of Work:
    • 28.6 km
    • 23 stations
    • 1 depot

    Location:Taipai City

  • Kaohsiung Metropolitan Rapid Transit System
    Kaohsiung MRT CD2 South Depot and CD3 North Depot Design

    The Kaohsiung MRT System is a Build-Operate-Transfer(BOT) project and the United Steel Engineering & Construction Corp is the design & build contractor of the CD2 South Depot and CD3 North Depot.

    Scope of Work:
    • Steel building design
    • Reinforcement structure design
    • Landscape design of the site
    • Drainage system design
    • Electrical and plumbing engineering design
    • Environmental and control engineering design

    The detail design Service for Lot CR1 of Kaohsiung Metropolitan Rapid Transit System

    This is the first turnkey contract of KMRT system. This project had been worked smoothly under the closely cooperation between CTCI REI and the Joint-Venture of USEC and Taisei. And the project also set the fastest construction time record of the main underground station structure for KMRT. The service quality and attitude of CTCI REI are highly appreciated by the owner.

  • Construction Design of Trackwork for Kaohsiung MRT system
    The responsible range of this project includes the entire operation track, main line, and the depot of Orange Line of Kaohsiung MRT system.

    Scale of Work:
    • 14.4 km
    • 14 stations
    • 1 depot

    Scope of Work:
    • Document submission
    • Interface coordination
    • Construction drawing design
    • Clearance inspection
    • Track alignment review and design
    • As-built drawing making and submission

    Location:Kaohsiung City

  • CKS Airport Metropolitan Rapid Transit System
    Detail design and construction supervision Lot DE03 of the CKS Airport MRT system

    The site is located in between the CKS Airport and Zhon-Li City. The work scope of the consultant includes the detail design and construction supervision of civil works, E & M system and elevator/escalator system for 6 elevated station buildings and viaducts between the stations, in addition, an adminitration building is included.

    Scale of Work:
    • 11.5 km
    • 6 stations

    Location:Taoyuan County

  • Construction Design of Trackwork for Taichung MRT System
    Construction Design of Trackwork for Taichung MRT System (Green Line)

    Scale of Work:
    • 16.7 km
    • 18 stations
    • 1 depot

    Location:Taichung City

  • Tamhai Light-Rail System Trackwork Project
    Tamhai Light-Rail System Trackwork Project

    Scale of Work:
    • 9.7 km
    • 14 stations
    • 1 depot

    Location:New Taipei City

Road Engineering

  • Study of Guidelines and Examples of Ecological Engineering Methods Applied to Freeway Construction
    Freeway is an isolated traffic system and the entrance / exit is fully controlled through interchange only. The scale of a freeway, with the features of low accessibility and high traffic volumes and speed, is more enormous than the highway system. The derived direct or indirect severance impacts to the ecosystem, zoology/ botany and geography, are even more significant.

  • Planning of Special No. 2 Road, New Taipei City
    The special No. 2 road links the entrances of No.1 and No. 2 National Freeways in Taipei county. The length of main line is 16.8km linking Wu Gu entrance of No.1 National Freeway to Tu Cheng entrance of No. 2 National Freeway, the branch line connecting to Jonghe entrance of No. 2 National Freeway is 4.1 km in length, the total length is 20.9km.

    Scope of Work:
    • Data collection and analysis
    • Topography Survey
    • Traffic analysis and forcast
    • Road and viaduct planning
    • Traffic maintenance and landscape planning
    • Cost and profit analysis
    • Land acquisition method and expense estimation
    • Investigation of relevant statutes and engineering techniques

    Location:New Taipei City

  • Special Road No.2 Priority Section Cross CKS Airport Rapid Transit System
    Design of Special Road No.2 Priority Section in Taipei County (Cross Provincial Highway No.1 and CKS Airport Rapid Transit System)

    Total length of the road is approximately 16.6 kilometers, the section between Wugu Interchange of Sun Yat-sen Freeway and Tucheng Interchange of Northern Second Freeway was planned for elevated expressway.

    Scope of Work:
    • Basic planning and design
    • Feasibility analysis
    • Elementary survey and geological investigation
    • Basic design
    • Construction planning and cost estimation
    • Compiling Design criteria
    • Detail planning and design
    • Survey and geological investigation
    • Detail design of viaducts, total 510 meters long and maximum span is 104.5 meters
    • Detail design of road and drainage system
    • Transportation maintenance plan
    • Utilities investigation and budget listing

    Location:New Taipei City

  • Nangang Access Road of the Northern Second Freeway
    Planning and Design of Nangang Access Road of the Northern Second Freeway

    This project located at Hengke area in the border between Nangang District of Taipei City and Sijhih City of Taipei County, total length of the access road is approximately 1.8 kilometers which includes approximately 1.4 kilometers of mainline. The project starts at the reserved ramp of Northern Second Freeway (Chainage 15+000), goes through the riverside of Dakeng River, crosses Taiwan Railway and Provincial Highway No.5 and then connects with Huandong Expressway.
    This project includes 1,277 meters long viaduct and 125 meters long embankment of mainline, 636 meters long viaduct and 1,121 meters long embankment of ramp. Parts of the bridges consist of PC box girders and RC piers were constructed by the Advanced Shoring Method.

    • Design of Viaducts
    • Planning and design of road engineering
    • Construction supervision (another contract)

    Location:Taipei City

  • Design and Supervision of Connecting Road Between Tu-Cheng Interchange and Da-An Road
    This is a new-build roadway, planned road of Ding-Pu Urban District, and totals 1.3 Km in length. Accompanied with the land acquisition schedule, two construction phases are separated.
    1.The priority section:Section between Chung-Yang road and Da-An dike is 540m long and 35m in width, and from Da-An dike to Hwan-He road is 350m long and 20m in width.

  • Planning of Special No. 2 Road, Hsinchu City
    The special No. 2 road is part of the urban road in Hsinchu Science Park, total length is 4,720m with 24m in width. The planed road section is the north part of the special No. 2 road linking Chioa Tung university, Tsing Hua university, Guang Fu road and Jien Gon road, it is also a part of the external circular road of the Hsinchu Science Park providing the traffic requirement for residents around Hsinchu Science Park.

    Scope of Work:
    • Transportation requirement analysis and forcast
    • Topography Survey and Soil Investigation
    • Propose feasible schemes
    • Environmental impact analysis
    • Economical profit analysis
    • Excution plan

    Location:Hsinchu City

  • Extension Design of Gongdao 3 Wuling Viaduct in Hsinchu City
    The project includes design, survey, geological investigation, and Construction supervision works. The main purpose of this project is to release the traffic jam on Jingquo Rd of Provincial Highway No.1 and extends viaducts of Wuling Rd ramp of Nanliao-Judung Expressway for expanding road system in the north of Hsinchu City stage by stage. It also plans to connect Zhuquang Rd, Provincial Highway No.1, Qiedong Parkway and Qiedong Interchange of Northern Second Freeway to be a complete road system in the future.
    The project starts at north start point of Wuling Rd in Hinchu City, toward southwest crosses the intersection of Wuling Rd 196 alley and Nanzhong Street, toward south after passing through Wuling bridge, toward southwest after passing through Air force public housing, crosses the intersection of Dongda Rd and then the project ends at the intersection of Zhongzheng Rd nearby Hsin Chu Armed Force Hospital. Total length of the project is approximately 1 kilometer.

  • Extension Design and Construction Supervision of Gongdao 5 Roadway in Hsinchu City
    The main purpose of this project is to release the traffic jam on Guangfu Rd and constitutes the bypass road in the north of Hsinchu City. This roadway toward east connects with the existing Gongdao 5 roadway, toward west connects with Gongdao 3 roadway and alternative planning road of Provincial Highway No.1. The project starts at Zhongxiao Rd in Hsinchu City, toward northwest crosses Taiwan Railway and Provincial Highway No.1, intersects with Guanghua Second Street and Nanya Street and then connects with Wuling Rd.
    Total length of the project is approximately 3.3 kilometers, it can also resolve long-standing flooding problem along the sides of big and small Long-En canal and Nanliao region by combining the completion of the drainage system in this road section.

  • Preliminary Planning for Taichung Living Circle Route No.5
    The project covers a 30km stretch from end of the Taichung Circle Line (National Freeway No. 4) at Fongyuan city to Wufong Interchange of National Freeway No.3. The same corridor had been considered during the feasibility study for Freeway No.3, it was put by when the coastal line was adopted.

  • Topograghy Survey and Planning for No.1 connection Road of Yunlin Living Circle
    To fulfill the overall Yunlin living circle plan and satisfy the requirement for the increasing traffic loading caused by Mai-liao industry area, the off-shore industry park and other industry areas nearby, and link up the Hu-wei and Dou-liou sub-living circles, Yunlin County Government commissioned an effort to plan the No.1 connection road for the Yunlin living circle.

Bridge inspection, reinforcement and monitoring system

  • Inspection, Seismic Capacity Evaluation and Retrofit Design for Provincial Highway No.1 Dajia River Bridge
    This project includes visual inspection, test, bearing, seismic capacity, scour analysis and evaluation of Dajia River Bridge (total length: 33@40M=1320M, total width: 25M) and a report of overall inspection, evaluation and retrofit design.
    By providing safety inspection and professional evaluation of the bridge, further understanding of bridge safety and utility are acquired, the following goals were also achieved:
    • Do completely general visual inspection and Nondestructive inspection to confirm defects and deformation for each part of the bridge and analysis of the causes
    • Summarize the evaluation of bearing, seismic capacity and scour analysis then make specific retrofit methods and estimate maintenance cost as a basis of retrofit design
    • Set up whole basic bridge data as references for future monitor and inspection system of planning and design

  • Installation and Maintenance Of Monitoring Inspection System For Provincial Highway No.17 Sipin Bridge
    To ensure the safety of Provincial Highway No.17 Sipin Bridge, the bridge agency , Second Maintenance Office D.G.H., M.O.T.C authorized CTCI REI to conduct the project of monitoring inspection system installation and maintenance for piers P8~P13.The settlement and inclination data was analyzed to set up a pre-caution system and decide the alarming value and action plan value for emergency response.

  • Installation and Maintenance Of Monitoring Inspection System For Provincial Highway No.1 Dadu Bridge
    To ensure the safety of Dadu bridge, the bridge agency, Second Maintenance Office D.G.H., M.O.T.C authorized CTCI REI to conduct the project of monitoring inspection system installation and maintenance for piers P9, P12, and P13.The system includes 2-axis inclinometer and settlement gauge to set up a precaution system and decide the alarming value and action plan value for emergency response.

  • Installation and Maintenance Of Monitoring Inspection System For Jhongshan-Dazhi Cable-stayed Bridge
    Jhongshan-Dazhi Bridge is an important gateway on the eelong River connecting BinJiang St and ei-An St in Taipei. The bridge is composed of a main bridge unit and a ramp; those structures were built in 2002 and 2003, respectively. The main bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with a fishing-rod type pylon. Its structure behavior and performance is significantly different from that of typical bridges.

    Scope of Work:
    Monitoring instrument installation, pre-caution system, emergency response process, monitoring data analysis and inspection services and system operation training.
    The items that are monitored include:
    • Pier inclination
    • Pylon inclination
    • Dynamic Characteristic
    • Seismic vibration response
    • Wind direction and speed
    • Pier settlement
    • Main Structure member stress and strain
    • Scour depth of pier near river bank
    • Flutter by wind
    • Cable vibration
    • Temperature difference
    • Camcorder

  • Investigation and Survey for Kuang-Ming Bridge on Province Highway Line No. 8
    The Kuang-Ming Bridge is located between the Chinshan Dam and the Deji Reservoir. It is a beautiful π-Shape truss structure system. The bridge has been in service for a long period of time since it was built in 1964. And since the bridge is located at the mountain area, it is necessary to investigate and evaluate the decay tendency and performance condition of structure members and materials.

  • Bridge Inspection of Taipei County
    The scope of the project lies on the main bridges inside Taipei County managed by township offices and city offices in Taipei County government. The standard bridge length is above 6 meters and the total bridge area is 250,000 m2.
    Currently, the road bridges in Taipei County can be sorted as National Freeway, Provincial Highway, Township/City Roads, and local roads. The repairing and maintaining roads are managed by Taiwan National Freeway Bureau, Taiwan Railways Administration, and Directorate General of Highways are. All other bridges are managed by Taipei County. The total number of bridges is 519.

  • Safety Evaluation, Retrofit Planning and Design for the Yuanlin Ditch Bridge of the Freeway No.1
    The project is located at 207k+628 of the Freeway No.1 which includes former bridge and broadened part. The total length and width are about 90m and 50m respectively.
    The former Yuanlin ditch bridge was finished in 1978. The design specification and the loading criteria in the past differ from those used nowadays. In order to know the bearing and seismic capacity of the bridge, National Freeway Bureau, M.O.T.C. authorized CTCI REI to conduct the project of safety evaluation and retrofit planning.

  • Bridge and Tunnel Inspection Project
    Feitsui reservoir subordinate to Taipei Feitsui Reservoir Administration was built from 1979. After 8-year construction, it was finished in 1987. Feitsui reservoir is an important supply area of water resource and a restricted zone as well. The bridge and tunnel in the area were finished long time ago and never had any inspection project. The rules in design specification are stricter than before. In order to avoid doing maintenance and losing the roadway function of connection due to the natural disaster affecting the normal operation of the reservoir and the safety of using water in Taipei, the project was conducted at the first time. The scope of the work was in total of 7 structures including 3 long bridges, 2 short bridges, and 2 tunnels. The main propose was to know the condition, do inspection and safety evaluation of the structures, and make an inspection and safety evaluation system.