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Shield Tunnel Engineering

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  • The San-Jiang-Kou tunneling work beneath the Yangtze River for the West to East Gas Transmission Project
    The 4,000 km long West to East Gas Transmission pipeline meanders from Lunnan in Xinjiang Uyghur to Shanghai. It passes through eight provinces while get across the Yangtze and Yellow River several times. Though the Directional Drilling and Pipe - Jacking methods are employed in most sect ions of the Project, the Shield Tunnel ing Me thod i s adopt ed when pa s s ing through the Yangtze River at San-Jiang-Kou, Nanjing for its crossing span, strong current, huge volume of earth covering, and variety of geological structures including alluvial gravel and rock layers. The San- Jiang-Kou tunneling work beneath the Yangtze River (SJK tunneling work) was identified as the Critical work in the West–East Gas Pipeline Project.

  • Jhenpei~Jhungdao 161kV Underground Transmission Line Turnkey Project
    In order to meet the need of the power supply capacity and reliability for Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone and Kaohsiung Linhai Industrial Park, Taiwan Power Company (TPC) planed to set up the turnkey contract project.The contract comprises design and construction of civil structures and buildings, and installation and testing of E & M system, 161kV power cables.

  • Ground Improvement Work of CK570C of Hsin- Chong Line,Taipei MRT system
    The Taipei MRT System Hsin-Chong line is divided into the west bound Hsin-Chong Line and north bound Luzhou Line at the turnout structure by the left side of the Danshui River. Because of the special route plan, the turnout structure shall provide shield tunnel with two TBM launch sites and four arrival-sites to decompose the shield. Considering the nearby buildings, the variety of geological structures, great depth, high hydraulic pressure and the groundwater flow, the ground improvement methods include not only the super jet grouting but also the artificial ground freezing method to protect and stabilize the soil body during breaking the mirror-face. Because the freezing method have to be coordinated with the structure construction, the difficulty and the complexity of the freezing method is one of its kind.

  • E-Mei ~ Xinchu 161kV Power Transmission Line Turnkey Projec
    This project is the first underground power line turnkey project of TPC. Taya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is the main turnkey contractor and RESI is the subcontractor of Taya. The Turnkey project is located on the Hsinchu Science Park. The existing utilities and traffic impact were the main concerns during the planning and detail design stage.
    Through the communication and coordination with the Science Park Administration in the early design stage and the effective construction management, Taya/RESI team reduced the construction impact on the adjacent high-tech factories and completed the project on schedule.