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Harbors & Wharfs Engineering

CTCI REI has experienced engineers in hydraulics and geotechnics to provide harbor construction, geological improvement, subsidence monitoring and management.
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction and Commissioning Project of North LNG Receiving Terminal
    This project was to build LNG Receiving Terminal for Chinese Petroleum Corporation to supply liquid natural gas to DaTan Power Plant of Taiwan Power Company. The terminal includes one receiving jetty and one receiving station, located in No. 13~15 Wharfs and their rear yards inside Taichung Harbor, totally occupying 54.3 hectares of land. It includes the facilities of 3-160,000 M3 storage tanks, LNG tanker berthing area,and receiving, gasifying and delivering equipment.

  • Feasibility Study of rotary-island shipping Container Transportation Development in Taiwan Area
    Kaohsiung harbor, attracting most of the shipping merchants to establish as operation base at south Taiwan, is a nature port with superior terminal condition. It stands the greatest load / un-load volumes, and provides the best level of service among domestic harbors, while the large amount of import / export freights are produced from north Taiwan. This is the reason that truck transfer demand remains increasing through highway system and generates traffic jam problems.

  • Planning of North Commercial Harbor
    The development of Keelung Harbor, the major international port in northern Taiwan, is limited on account of its extent of harbor basin, depth of draw water, hinterland of wharf, and congestion of traffic convey, which do not meet the tendency of harbor to be large scale, specialization, and globalization. The possible way to expand the scale of freight handling capacity is to extend toward out-port, but it may encounter problems that engineering work is rigorous and cost is enormous.

  • PCM Service Works of No 63 and No 64 Wharf Rehabilitation of Kaohsiung Harbor
    Kaohsiung harbor No 2 container terminal wharfs 63 and 64 are located in the Cian-jhen harbor district. This steel sheet-pile type wharf was established in 1971; its measurements are 275 m and 245m in length, with a soundings depth of 12 m. In order to enable the berthing of large vessels, Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau proposed a budget of NT$ 420 million for the rehabilitation of the wharf under a turnkey contract. The loading and unloading of goods from anchored large container ships will be facilitated by the addition of large container cranes, and the increase of soundings depth to 14.5m by dredging.

  • Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit Design for the Chung-Hsing interchange in Kaohsiung Harbor
    The Chung-Hsing interchange connects Cross-Harbor tunnel and harbors of 4th Container Center which is located in Cijin district, Kaohsiung City. It is composed of 8 units and the total length is about 755m. The superstructure and substructure are PC box girder and RC pier respectively. The viaduct was designed in 1987 and had transport service in July, 1991. In order to assure the safety of the structure and maintain the viaduct’s function and service, Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau, M.O.T.C authorized CTCI REI to conduct the project of seismic evaluation and retrofit design.