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Electrical Power Engineering

CTCI REI is an excellent integrated services provider of major turnkey power projects in Taiwan.
  • Cha-Yi Primary Substation Construction Turnkey Project
    Cha-Yi Primary Substation is located at Ping Tung Export Processing Zone. The site base is 90 meters in length and 65 meters in width, and total area is up to 6,049 square meters. The eastern side is by a sugarcane field and eastern side is by a garbage ground. The southern side is a 5 meters road connecting to the county line 189. The new SRC substation building is a four floor building with an underground basement, which is 66 meters in length and 30 meters in width, and up to 7000 square meters in floor area.

  • Jhenpei~Jhungdao 161kV Underground Transmission Line Turnkey Project
    In order to meet the need of the power supply capacity and reliability for Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone and Kaohsiung Linhai Industrial Park, Taiwan Power Company (TPC) planed to set up the turnkey contract project.The contract comprises design and construction of civil structures and buildings, and installation and testing of E & M system, 161kV power cables.

  • Power cable design work for Linhai D/S ~ KMRT BSS1 & HsiChia ~ Kaohsiung E/S project of TPC
    The maximum excavation depth of work well is 28.8m with 54m deep slurry wall. Another power line is from the manhole which close to the west side of Jianguo bridge, pass through Gushan D/S than along Gushan Rd. until to Neiwei S/S (Substation).

    • Planning and detailed design of 161 kV underground.
    • transmission cable for Taiwan Power Company.
    • Technical service during construction stage.

  • E-Mei ~ Xinchu 161kV Power Transmission Line Turnkey Projec
    This project is the first underground power line turnkey project of TPC. Taya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is the main turnkey contractor and RESI is the subcontractor of Taya. The Turnkey project is located on the Hsinchu Science Park. The existing utilities and traffic impact were the main concerns during the planning and detail design stage.