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Featured Projects

Civil & Land development Engineering

CTCI REI has experienced engineers in planning, design and construction management for industrial parks, new communities and science parks, etc.
  • Engineering Planning, Design and Construction Supervision Works for the Development of Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park
    The establishment of Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park is one of the subplans of Government’s International Innovation and R & D Base Plan. The objectives of this plan are to consider the local resources characteristics of the local area, in order to expand and transform the agricultural biotechnology products, as well as to create high value-added industry to encourage the balanced development of all areas.

    Engineering planning, design and cons-truction supervision services are as follows:
    • Site preparation
    • Road Engineering
    • Drainage Engineering
    • Sewage Engineering
    • Detention Basin Engineering
    • Landscape Engineering
    • Common Ducts Engineering

  • Planning & Supervision of Steps of Land Acquisition and Acquired for New Community of National Taipei university
    The New Community of National Taipei University is a part of National Taipei University Setting up plan, so as to build a high quality living hood and create a prospect of the local area. This new community occupied 131.89 acres, contracted by TLDC, and CTCI REI assigned to be in charged Design and Supervision.

    For a beautiful sky view, whole area pipe lines will be undergrounded. 3 Original drainages will be transferred either open-cut or boxed shaped so as to keep draining function. Shade tree alley and decent landscape create the vision of College town style. The well-adjusted infrastructure design has gained famous reputation of the public and which also accelerated the bidding out of the land. This Project, CTCI REI wined the Outstanding Technical Service Awarded by Taipei County Government.